Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Repeal the REAL ID Act

The federal government has taken another step towards forcing you to carry a national ID in order to get on airplanes, open a bank account, enter federal buildings, and much more. But with state legislatures and Congressional representatives increasingly turning against the REAL ID Act, you can help stop this costly, privacy-invasive mandate. Write to your members of Congress and voice your opposition to REAL ID now!

In January, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released the "final rule" on REAL ID, describing the requirements and procedures for transforming state ID cards into REAL IDs. Congressional leaders responded with scathing criticisms of REAL ID, recognizing that the provisions pass the cost of ID changes on to taxpayers, do not improve national security, and do not protect the privacy of Americans. Many of the Congressional leaders called for a repeal of REAL ID -- and they're supported by a number of states, some of which have even passed legislation opposing REAL ID.

The overwhelming sentiment shared by legislators, state officials, and citizens is obvious -- repeal REAL ID!

Contact your Senators and Representative