Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


1978 Lord of the Rings

I had the film cell book of this rotoscope animation film when I was a kid but never saw it in the theater - especially since it was only in the theaters for a week and VCRs weren't real yet. I still think rotoscoping is a bit creepy - it looks real and not real at the same time. I'm not sure if I've seen the whole film yet - I'll have to add it to my Netflix queue.

The Big Snit

Canadian animation at it's finest - made in the midst of the Cold War showdown. I wish there was an actual show called Sawing for Teens. Richard Condie, 1985.

Hardware Wars

I watched this at the library Media Center when I was a kid every time I went there. This of course was before videotape - so it was almost like watching Star Wars. (The narrator is the voice of the 'ghost host' at the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland.)

You Suck at Photoshop 7

I'm sorry but this series is the best thing ever. His comic timing and word choice is perfect.


Thank You Mask Man

Beautiful Love

Bill Evans 1965


Bela Lugosi in "Bride of the Monster" by the lovely and talented Ed Wood.

An Eye for Annai

Previous post reminded me of something I posted in the days when moving images were only Flash and online video had to load. Anyway - here it is (again).

A History of Evil

Live is the palindrome of evil by the way - hardly a coincidence.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Big Brother

The FBI is gearing up to create a massive computer database of people's physical characteristics, all part of an effort the bureau says to better identify criminals and terrorists. The FBI wants to use eye scans, combined with other data, to help identify suspects.

But it's an issue that raises major privacy concerns -- what one civil liberties expert says should concern all Americans.

"It's the beginning of the surveillance society where you can be tracked anywhere, any time and all your movements, and eventually all your activities will be tracked and noted and correlated," said Barry Steinhardt, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Technology and Liberty Project.

People who don't think mistakes are going to be made I don't think fly enough," said Steinhardt.

He said thousands of mistakes have been made with the use of the so-called no-fly lists at airports -- and that giving law enforcement widespread data collection techniques should cause major privacy alarms.

"There are real consequences to people," Steinhardt said.

(Click title above to read full article or 'Big Brother' for George Orwell.)