Thursday, June 09, 2005

Gillette M3 Razor is Hooey

Ever since I saw the first ad for their battery powered disposable razor, whose 'vibration' was supposed to make shaving easier and hair stand up (how would vibration make forward movement of a razor do anything but increase the likelihood of cutting yourself?) At any rate they've reached their comeuppance in court - sued by the Schick razor company. The Consumer's Union just as easily may have for imposing such a non-product on the American public with questionable claims. I'm sure the battery isn't replaceable either causing one to have to buy both razor refills AND a brand spankin' new useless battery powered razor when it runs out of juice. Who buys this crap? Yet another product of fast tracked planned obsolescence. I vote Lysol's flushable toilet brush is next. Or their pre-moistened kitchen wipecloths.