Monday, June 14, 2004

"Justified" Torture According to the Bush Administration

The memo (click above) starts out ordinarily enough. The Bush administration insinuates that the United States somewhat 'reluctantly' signed on with the Geneva 1994 program outlawing and defining torture (not true). It then goes on to discuss the very few ways in which the United States has complied with these accords both toward Guantanamo Bay detainees and in Iraq.

Then comes the interesting part. The document suddenly hinges on an unspecifically related Federal ruling which states that international law does not apply to the United States (in that particular case with all of the attendant specifics) because it is not Federal law. In addition, the memo basically self-extrapolates (without cause) that anything which is not specifically in the United States Constitution (letter of the law only) is basically allowable. And then the circus begins.

The memo continues to go on at length in making exception after exception to the Geneva Accords in the Bush Administrations interpretation of them through their artificially constructed lens which they believe to be justified (especially considering the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on illegal detainees, much less torture specifically.) It even gives helpful suggestions in which the letter of Federal law can be followed without violating anything specifically, and being mindful that the Geneva agreements appear to be followed.

Reading this kind of stuff really makes it quickly apparent as to why multiple former multi-party United States ambassadors and operatives have signed a petition in protesting this faux administration's lack of respect for its own word, much less other countries, and severely threatening national security and eroding decades of diplomatic international understanding. Nobody internationally implicitly trusts the United States - especially under the current regime; and no one is ever going to do us any favors until his Moronity is gone and it appears that Soviet style caplitalistism disguised as libertarianism is set aside for true diplomatic intercourse. American men get killed in Iraq because of an utter lack of international support due to an intentional systemic failure of U.S. diplomatic intelligence and effort starting right at the top.

Regime change is a comin' eventually. As Iraq creates a 'democracy', perhaps we can dispense with the Soviet style rhetoric and get back to learning to be a Democracy ourselves.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Reagan's Poison Jellybeans

Wow. Are we really here again? Ok fine. Let's review. Reagan was our great leader because he had jelly beans on his desk. Those that lived the 80's can ascertain the duplicity of the 'Reagan Revolution'. Here's the process.

First off, steal the debate book from President Carter before debate. Second, negotiate with Iran to give them missiles to fight Iraq in order to gain acceptance by the American public when the hostages magically are released just after you enter office. Next, give Iraq biological and chemical weapons in order to beat Iran in a pointless war. Next put no safeguards on the biological weapons that you give to Iraq so they can use and duplicate them indiscrimately so that when your Vice-President becomes President he can claim that the weapons (you gave Iraq) were used on Iraq's own people by an insane leader (that you gave them to in the first place). Next, use funnelled money to incite terror in Central and South America killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians because you delusionally think that you are FDR and are actually fighting a realistic Soviet threat in South America. Then realize that you've spent billions on nothing and decide that you have to do something to get re-elected. Since you lead a country with billions at its disposal finally realize that you might want to challenge the actual Soviet enemy.

Do a great job at armament chess while mortaging the future of American citizens financially and simultaneously expressing a vague belief in a 'morning in America'. Fail to describe what that really means. As a result of taking ethical responsibility away from business leaders, take credit for an economic resurgence based entirely on taking power away from individuals and giving it to corporations while simultaneously expressing a belief that government is the problem. Provide satellite intelligence to Iraq which allows it to use previously given chemical and biological weapons against Iran which the United States has signed a treaty swearing it will not use.

Continue to have jellybeans on your desk. Win your gipper. Finally get caught red-handed for illegally trading arms for hostages in Iran, funding an unethical and unnecessary Iraq-Iran war and claim that you don't recall anything. Fire a miliary advisor to cover your ass. Continue to have jellybeans on your desk. Leave office proud of the fact that you have created a generation of lazy business leaders that understand that government supports unethical business practices.

Vice-President and oil magnate is elected and claims that Iraq is run by lunatic even though it was given chemical and biological weapons, CIA intelligence, and full support by the American government. Proclaim Iraq is now evil and 'gasses its own people' (gas provided by the US government). Escalate war to cover own ass, cover twenty year Bin Laden family and Saudi leader personal business relationships and distract American electorate to support these oil interests as a personal financial recipient (George Bush I, Oil Magnate).

Get really pissy about two term Democrat US President when he undoes past cozy oil-based foreign policy. Next, implicate on a blowjob rather than accept a tantamount failure of financial and ethical integrity to the American public - regardless of unadvertised affairs that occurred with Bush. Threaten the Supreme Court via the business conglomerate to stop recounts after the election and perform a monarchical restoration of Bush I's son, even though he wasn't elected popularly or via electoral college if the recounts had not been stopped.

Wash - Rinse - Repeat Reagan presidency philosophy of smiling and doing evil and hoping no one notices. Game over.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Practically Nothing

I'd like to start off by first thanking Accenture, a former subsidiary of Anderson Consulting (implicated in Enron and other scandals and one of the three finalists for the proposed 'virtual border' electronic system for foreign visitors to the United States I might add) for being so adept at invading corporate echelons at no risk to its management team while simultaneously attacking and removing their minions, making themselves indispensable by converting all processes to theirs, eliminating virtually everyone else as part of their process, and then actually taking over their job responsibilities and increasing their fee to equal the combined salaries of removed workers as they do so. It's essentially corporate culture takeover in slow motion without shareholder responsibility. Not to mention once they're in, they hypnotize management into staying for at least two years. That is, unless someone wakes up and remembers to spray them with Raid.